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Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment Camden Park, Tunbridge Wells

LHLA was appointed by the Camden Park Residents' Association to prepare a Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment to object to a planning application for five new properties in the grounds of a single dwelling within Camden Park, a leafy, residential park in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Camden Park lies within a Conservation Area, is designated an Arcadian Area and a Landscape of Historic Importance; the Meadow is also an Area of Important Open Space. The scale of the proposed development is at variance with the existing residential pattern, and with the intentions of the original owner, the Marquess Camden; covenants were drawn up at the original time of sale stating that only one house per plot would be permitted. The proposed development will stand out as an incompatible and inappropriate new development and will damage the character of Camden Park. 

The report was completed and submitted within a tight deadline.

LHLA Site Location Camden Park Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment
LHLA 1 Camden Park Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment
Camden Park snow scene CPL
Camden Park Conservation Area TWBC website
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